Fees are determined by several factors, including the documents needing to be signed and travel required, based on county location. Please Contact Us for a quote.

Due to the rural nature of Wisconsin, travel time usually supersedes standard mileage. Communities may have road construction, including detours or reduced speed limits.

Wisconsin is home to beautiful wildlife, which consists of deer, bear, wolves, fox, and turkeys, to name a few. Caution is given to late night signings as they have the greatest potential for contact.

Weather also plays an important role in providing timely service. There are times we may need to travel to the client via boat, ATV, snow shoes, or perhaps walk a significant distance. Signing locations outside of the normal road system may be assessed a surcharge.

FedEx and UPS document drops are made before 4:30pm.


48 hour notice – no charge

47 hours to 2 hours notice – $50

2 hours to 30 minutes notice – 50%

30 minutes notice or notary in route – 100%


Per 40 minutes – $35


All travel is subject to possible inclement weather. If inclement weather is reported to occur, the Nature Care notary will attempt to contact Title, then client.

Signing locations outside of the normal road system may be assessed a surcharge.

Travel Fee

A travel fee is assigned. If the signer does not have a valid unexpired photo ID or is not legally competent in the notary’s judgment of what is required by law or industry best practices, the client is responsible for the travel fee.


Each signer, or witness is required to present an unexpired photo ID. Examples include but are not limited to: State issued driver’s license, passport, school or military ID, voters registration card, social security card, birth certificate, or tribal document.

If a person is under the age of 18 years old, examples include: School record or report card, birth certificate, social security card, clinic, doctor, or hospital record, day-care or nursery school record.